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Industrial Burners


Industrial burners mean the natural gas burners or propane gas burners, which are used in industrial fields such as in hospital, restaurant, factories etc. In USA, the industrial burners have been widely used for long history.

Industrial burners are larger than residential burners, and usually made by gray iron ASTM A48 Class 20, 25, 30. Ductile iron is unnecessary for the stove burners. Gray iron has been used for industrial stove burners for many years, and have been proved for good quality and performance. For the material degrees, some clients want to choose for the higher grades to get better strength, however, according to the experience of Dandong Foundry, the grades higher than class 30 will cause the difficulty of drilling the jet holes. Although you may think the drilling for the class 35 should not be a problem, for the jet holes of burners, it is become a real problem. The nipples on burners are very small, which cause their hardness will be higher than other places, or higher than normal. In addition, drilling on the nipple is already difficult in itself, higher hardness will cause more difficulty for drilling.

The jet hole is usually 0.14 to 0.19 inch diameters. There are usually dozens to hundreds of jet holes on one burner. Therefore, the drilling works will be the main costs for the machining of burners.

The recommended production process for the cast iron stove burners is green sand molding for shell and resin sand shell molding for the inside core. Of course, this cast process was recommended by Dandong Ruiding Foundry, and they have considered to reduce the casting costs. For the better out surface quality, you could choose to use the hot shell molding process for both shell and core. In this way, you will get the better surface quality but higher cost.

For the sand holes and air holes on the surfaces, we recommended the inspection standard as allowable for small quantity of sand holes or air holes with max. 2mm diameter and max. 1mm depth. Welding is unallowable because the welding will hide the actual depth of holes and will cause undetermined danger in the future.

Industrial burners are difficult to manufacture, and only experienced foundries could make them very well by low production costs.

This article is from our Dandong Foundry's Industrial Burners.



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