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Cast Iron Base in China


The bases are the chassis of equipment or components, and used to install accessories for equipments. The bases made by cast iron are called as cast iron bases.

The materials of bases include grey iron and cast steel, and most of bases are made by grey iron grades such as ASTM A48 No.20, No.30, or ISO150, 200.

The followings are the advantages and disadvantages of various base materials:


1 The price of cast iron is cheap, and cast iron has good ant-vibration property.

2 Grey iron of HT150, HT200 has good liquidity mechanical performance, applicable to the base with complex shapes.

3 The elastic modulus of cast steel is bigger than that of cast iron. In the case of single and small batch production, production cycle is short, the equipment is simple.


1 The production cycle of cast iron is long, the production cost of single piece is high, and it is easy to cause waste during producing iron castings, it is difficult to control the quality.

2. The wear resistance of grey cast iron is bad.

3 The ant- vibration property of cast steel is bad, the cost of batch production is higher.

Which material is better for base between cast iron and welding?

The aseismic property of cast iron is good, not changeful form and the price is cheap, but the processing cycle of cast iron is long, applicable to the high-volume production with small and medium sizes of bases.

The processing cycle of welding is short, but the aseismic property is bad, easy to cause deformation, applicable to the small batching production with medium and large sizes of bases.

If the machine itself causes little vibration or the vibration has little effect on the machine, you can choose welding.

How to paint the surface of the base?

1. Shot blasting the surfaces, clean the surface oxide layer, black layer and other surface defects.

2. Grinding sharp corners and burrs, making all positions clean.

3. Shot blasting the castings again.

4. Repairing and other defect treatment.

5. Grinding, then painting and drying in the air.

The following is the cast iron base of machinery made in Dandong Foundry in China.

This article is from our Dandong Foundry's Cast Iron Base in China.






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