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Articles in Sep. - Nov. 2014

  1. The Importance of a Design Engineer in Sand Casting Design - on Nov. 05, 2014
    There are many factors that a design engineer must take into account when designing a sand casting.

  2. Differences between Forged and Cast Steels - on Oct. 31, 2014
    Material selection is one of the most crucial decisions made in the design, manufacture, and application of large structural components.

  3. What factors affect the cost of your castings? - on Oct. 30, 2014
     There are many factors that can affect the cost of your castings and they can vary from supplier to supplier.

  4. The Development of Casting, Manufacturing Process in Current Foundry  - on Oct. 29, 2014
    Mankind’s industrial rise would not have been possible without the evolution of metal working.

  5. How to Choose the Best Wheels for Your Application, Steel Wheel or Iron Wheel - on Oct. 28, 2014
    There are many considerations when buying wheels for your industrial applications; not the least of these is the material from which the wheels are made.

  6. Small Casting, Motor Casting, Casting Wheel Made in Chinese Foundry  - on Oct. 24, 2014
     Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Casting Product such as Small Casting, Motor Casting and Casting Wheel from our company:

  7. The Casting Process of an Iron Foundry Manufactures Metal Castings - on Oct. 24, 2014
    A gray iron foundry or ductile iron foundry manufactures metal castings through the process of melting metals into a liquified substance in order to pour it in a mold that contains a hollow cavity of the required product.

  8. Factors That Affect the Machinability of Cast Irons - on Oct. 17, 2014
    Many factors can influence tool life when machining iron.

  9. Tolerance Analysis of Die Castings, High Quality Iron Castings Made in China - on Sep. 26, 2014
    Tolerancing of die castings is highly dependent on the shape, length and location of each feature as well as the alloy being used for the application.

  10. The Application of Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel in Casting, Cast Steel Foundry in China  - on Sep. 26, 2014
    There are many types of carbon and alloy steels used for castings. The choice of which will depend greatly on the application.

  11. White Cast Irons with High Abrasion Resistance and Hardness - on Sep. 16, 2014
    White cast irons are widely used in abrasive wear applications involved in the crushing, grinding, milling and handling of abrasive materials such as minerals and ores, both dry and as slurries.

  12. The Applications of the Cast Iron, Iron Castings Made in China - on Sep. 12, 2014
     Cast Iron, also called the Gray Iron, is one of the widely used alloys in the Iron and Metal industry.

  13. Differences between Two Different Types of Cast Irons, Grey Iron and Ductile Iron - on Sep. 10, 2014
     Grey Iron and Ductile Iron are two different types of Cast Irons with differences in the type or structure of the carbon present in them.

  14. All Constituent Elements of Grey Cast Iron Composition - on Sep. 10, 2014
    Grey Cast Iron is one of the most widely used types of cast iron.

  15. Methods for Foundries to Inspect Ductile Iron Castings - on Sep. 05, 2014
     With the demand for Ductile Iron Castings ever rising, foundries have cropped up by the dozens to cater to this need.

  16. Why is Grey Cast Iron So Popular? Properties and Uses - on Sep. 04, 2014
    Grey Cast Iron is made by remelting pig iron. It is an alloy of Carbon and Iron.

  17. The Importance of Pattern in Casting, Iron Castings Made in China - on Sep. 03, 2014
    A pattern is simply an exact model of what is to be cast. They are traditionally made of wood, but can also be made of resins, fibreglass, plastics and even polystyrene.

  18. The Process of Shell Mold Casting, Steel Foundry in China - on Sep. 03, 2014
    Shell mold casting or shell molding is a metal casting process in manufacturing industry in which the mold is a thin hardened shell of sand and thermosetting resin binder, backed up by some other material.

  19. How to Improve Your Sand Casting Design, 5 General Tips - on Sep. 02, 2014
     1) Include a Draft Angle of 1 ½ to 2 (Depends on Both Size and Complexity)

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