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Metal Casting Products


small wheel hubs
ductile iron casting

cast iron brackets
for engineering trucks

cast iron cradle bracket
for hydraulic hitch package

cast iron lawn mower supports

cast iron bracket
of harvesters

cast iron valve shell,
pump body

cast iron belt pulley,
ductile iron

differential shell for
vehicle, ductile iron

cast iron pipe fitting
part, ductile iron

cast iron truck part,
auto casting part

gearbox casting,
ductile iron auto part

pump and valve part,
gray iron casting

cast iron tractor part,
auto parts

cast iron pump body,
motor casing

gray iron stove parts,
tube castings

cast iron vehicle bracket, ductile iron

turbocharger shell

seeding boot

valve body

large brake drum

stove burner

valve body

pump body

cast iron bracket

boiler casting parts

gray iron plate casting

sg iron motor casing

cooking pan castings

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