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Our company is the subsidiary of Dandong Fuding foundry. We have supplied Cast Iron and Cast Steel Castings to USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, New Zealand for many years. Our metal foundry located in Dandong city, North of China.

Our main products include Gray Iron, Ductile Iron and Cast Steel casting parts for tractors, trucks, agricultural, construction, mining machinery, stove and boilers, pump, valve, tugboat, electrical facilities, cranes, machines, cars, pipe fittings, docks, cooking ware, excavators etc.

Our annual production output is 10,000 tons. We are your trustworthy casting manufacturer in China!

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Cast Steel Precision Machined Casting Valve

Cast Steel Mining Machinery Parts, Steel Casting

Cast Iron Elbow Pipe Casting in China Foundry

Sand Casting Cast Iron Agricultural Machine Parts

Cast Steel Fixed Support Investment Casting

Cast Steel Cross Support Lost Wax Casting

Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold Casting in China

Cast Iron Flange Adapter Sand Casting Foundry

Alloy Steel End Cover Casting Hydraulic Cylinder

Cast Steel Tow Hook Truck Parts Casting

Cast Steel Ripper Point Lost Wax Casting in China

Gray Cast Iron Anchor Holder Sand Casting

Cast Metal Brake Pads Casting for Auto Parts

Cast Steel Casting, Sand Casting Foundry in China

Cast Steel Forklift Parts Investment Casting

Cast Steel Agricultural Machinery Parts

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Casting Foundry - our foundry has automatic molding line, manual green sand molding, shell molding, lost wax investment casting, and die casting process.

Our main products are gray iron and ductile iron castings, we also could produce steel castings and aluminum castings.

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Machining Workshop - Our machining workshop could complete normal rough and finish machining works in-house. Including CNC centers, CNC lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, boring machines.

Machining in-house will save the production time and cost for machining, also could solve the waste of defective products.

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Quality Inspection - has various inspection equipments for iron and steel castings, including spectrometer, mechanical test equipment, chemical analysis lab, Brinell hardness tester, metallographic microscope, foundry sand inspection devices, UT inspection.

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  1. Gray Cast Iron Anchor Holder Sand Casting - on Oct. 18, 2016
    Gray Iron Anchor Socket, Grey Iron Anchor Bearing, Cast Iron Anchor Bed, Iron Casting for Anchor Chock, Anchor Holder Parts

  2. Cast Steel Ripper Point Lost Wax Casting in China - on Oct. 18, 2016
    Alloy Steel Ripper Point, Cast Steel Break Shovel, Ripping Tine Casting, Cast Metal Burster Point, Lost Wax Castings, Agricultural Machinery Parts

  3. Cast Steel Tow Hook Truck Parts Casting - on Oct. 17, 2016
    Cast Steel Tow Hook, Cast Steel Drawbar Hook, Truck Parts Casting, Carbon Steel Towing Hook, Precision Casting Parts

  4. Alloy Steel End Cover Casting for Hydraulic Cylinder - on Oct. 12, 2016
    Alloy Steel End Cover, Cast Steel End Cap, Stainless Steel End Closure, Hydraulic Cylinder Casting Parts, Lost Wax Casting Parts

  5. Cast Iron Flange Adapter Sand Casting Foundry - on Oct. 12, 2016
    Cast Iron Flange Parts, S.G Iron Flange Adapter, Gray Iron Counter Flange Head, Iron Casting for Couplings, Cast Iron Casting Parts

  6. Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold Casting in China Foundry - on Oct. 11, 2016
    Cast Iron Exhaust Pile, Ductile Iron Exhaust Manifold, Manifold Casting, Gray Iron Escape Pipe, Auto Parts

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